Individual Volunteering
Project REAL offers a number of volunteer opportunities for people with an interest in producing youth excellence and achievement through REAL law experiences in Nevada. Potential volunteers seeking a recurring commitment will find serving as an office assistant, leading courthouse field trips, and hosting mock trials as a few of the options we have available. If you enjoy working towards specific goals, we would welcome your assistance with projects like getting a set amount of teachers to commit to bringing Project REAL into their classrooms. If working on large projects is better suited to your style of volunteerism, we have a number of textbooks being developed for which research, writing, and editing support would be greatly appreciated. Other volunteer opportunities include assisting with our fund development and grant writing needs. Whatever your skill set, we have an excellent opportunity for you.

You may sign up for individual volunteering here.
Specialized Volunteering
If you work in law, law enforcement, or government and would like to help teach students about laws and civic engagement as a guest speaker, we have a volunteer application specifically for you.

You may sign up for specialized volunteering here.
Corporate/Group Volunteering
The power of groups cannot be understated. Be it an ongoing commitment of individuals providing small amounts of service over an extended period of time or a large infusion of volunteer hours over the course of a single 'volunteer day': when organizations make their human resources available for work benefiting the community, the impact is clear, measurable, and notable.

Whether you have executive-service volunteers that can donate their skills (think: marketing team members providing Project REAL with a quarterly PR campaign) or a large number of 'one-off' volunteers that we could use to ensure our field trips are of the highest quality - ones during which every student is guaranteed to see live criminal proceedings - we can guarantee the time your team invests in our work will produce results for the community that are seen for decades.

You may sign up for corporate and group volunteering by contacting us here.

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