Salt, Steaks, & Sanitation:
Freaky Food Handling

Salt Bae Gets Salty After
Health Code Violation Accusations



The man known as Salt Bae’s technique for salting steaks captivated the world, quickly elevating him to meme-status.  After he opened his new restaurant recently however, some people weren’t so quick to ‘like and share’.  A few sticklers for the law were quick to point out that he might be violating New York City’s health code.

Salt Bae’s critics pointed out that by salting steaks without gloves, this living meme appeared to be breaking clause 81.07 of the NYC health code.  That clause states that there must be use of tools of ‘sufficient length to prevent bare hand contact with ready to eat potentially hazardous food’.

After being called out he started wearing gloves. With his salting technique which employs significant amounts of flair, pomp, and circumstance though, salt may still hit his bare forearm before reaching his customers’ plates.

A common condiment isn’t the only legal matter keeping Salt Bae so salty these days though.

According to videos he’s posted to Instagram, he had been slicing steaks at customers’ tables without gloves and while wearing a flashy watch – 2 more possible violations of NYC health code!  In addition to the first violation, by wearing a watch he’s also violating a rule stating ‘food workers may not wear jewelry on their arms unless it’s a medical bracelet or smooth ring’..

New York City’s Department of Health said they would be launching an investigation into the violations. The restaurant opened earlier this year and has received mixed reviews over price, food quality and the overall experience.  Sounds like this Salt Bae could use a little sweetness these days!



1) What consequences could the restaurant face if it is found to be violating NYC health code?

2) Can videos posted to social media be used as admissible evidence if charges are filed?

3) Do you think the case is being handled differently, or should be handled differently since a celebrity is involved?

Be sure to provide full explanations for each of your answers. For more details, you can read the article this piece was sourced from here:

Contributed by- J. Plummer

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