At-Home Lessons & Resources During COVID-19

Las Vegas, March 26, 2020 – “Parents, please keep an eye on your older kids, keep them close, and know what they are doing. Keep them busy at home,” advised Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo at a press conference Wednesday.

Nevada-based nonprofit Project REAL stands ready to support Sheriff Lombardo’s request by helping families during this challenging time by providing them with access to free, activity-filled lessons that improve children’s behavior.

Play by the Rules teaches over 200 Nevada laws and the consequences of breaking them. Project REAL’s carefully designed activities help families encourage good behavior by their children, which is especially important when students, facing idle time, risk finding new and inventive ways of getting into trouble even if they don’t mean to do so.

For those families without internet access, Project REAL has copies of the books available in English and in Spanish.  The organization is currently seeking community partners assisting at student meal pick-up sites to help get the print copies of Play by the Rules to families in Southern Nevada. Community partners that are already distributing books include Project 150, Project Listos!, and Arriba Las Vegas Workers Center.

For families with internet access, digital versions can be obtained on demand. “In response to the rapidly developing Covid-19 situation, last week we immediately began working to make our student books and teachers’ guides easily accessible online to the families of Nevada. Everything is free and easy to download from our website,” said Project REAL’s Executive Director Tom Kovach.

Families who want to obtain the digital Play by the Rules should visit http://projectrealnv.org.

Community partners interested in distributing the physical copies of the free Play by the Rules books should contact Project REAL’s Program Director Mike Kamer to set up a no-contact pickup appointment for the books. Kamer can be reached at mkamer@projectrealnv.org or by calling (702) 703-6529.

Project REAL, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was founded in 2005 by Sam Lionel and Irwin Molasky to meet the challenge of teaching young students the importance of the law. Project REAL has taught over 185,000 Nevada students about laws with the goal of preparing them to be informed, law-abiding and participatory citizens through their courthouse field trips, mock trials, and unique in-class lessons & activities. For more information or to make a financial contribution so more students could benefit, please visit http://projectrealnv.org.


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