Fighting, the Public, & You:
Bowling Towards Bail?!?!

200 Kids Get In Fights After Denied Entry at Meadows Mall in Las Vegas

Pictured: A screenshot from the news broadcast of the event at Meadows Mall

In January 2021, during the middle of a pandemic where social distancing is required and crowds are discouraged, 150-200 juveniles were seen fighting outside of a business at Meadows Mall in Las Vegas. It appeared that they were waiting to go bowling when they were denied entry.

Now, it isn’t clear why they were denied entry. It could have been because of temporary occupancy laws or because of business hours. Either way the teens didn’t like being told no and became mad enough to start throwing punches. Fights broke out among the large groups and it is unclear if the fights included employees of the business.

Police were called to break up the fights and escort the teens off the property. They ended up citing or arresting several people for fighting or obstructing. Due to the disruption several businesses at the mall had to close early. 



1. What are some other reasons these teens were denied entry?

2. Why were some kids arrested but not all 200?

3. Besides fighting, what are some other laws that could have been broken? Why?

4. How is this event happening at a mall in Las Vegas affect the outcome and the consequences?

Be sure to provide full explanations for your answers.  For more details, you can read the article this piece was sourced from here:


Contributed by Saralynn Lindsay

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