Fake ID, the Bar, & You:
Don’t party like it’s 1999
(until you’re 21!)

  A Night of Underaged Drinking isn’t Worth Going to Jail

Pictured: 18 year old Blaklee Sands, who took the idea of ‘fake it till you make it’  too far…

Kids have the tendency to want to grow up quickly. They want to be able to make their own rules and do things that adults get to do like drinking alcohol. Sometimes when they get to be 18 and are considered a legal adult they try to get away with drinking publicly. The issue is you need proof of being 21 so a fake ID sounds like a good idea right? Wrong. Having a fake ID can cause more legal issues than fun if caught.

Take 18 year old Blakelee Sands for example: She went to a bar in Edmond, Oklahoma and her fake ID was taken because the person checking IDs was able to tell it was fake.  Having gotten so mad that the bar didn’t just deny her but took the fake ID from her,  Blakelee called the police on the bar!

When the police arrived, she claimed that she was at least 21 years old (the legal drinking age) and that the bar was holding her ID wrongfully.  She then asked the police to get it back to her.   The police officer that showed up ran her ID.  While the information printed on the ID claimed her name was McKamie Queen, upon scanning it the officer received information saying the ID was a Texas identification card… belonging to a Robert Sanchez.

Sands was arrested for presenting a fake ID to an officer, and later admitted that she didn’t think she’d get caught.  In the end, her failed attempt at a night of fun could have been just that…but because of a few additional decisions, it turned into a night in jail!



1. If this happened in Nevada, what would the minimum and maximum punishments be for Blaklee?

2. Why do you think the bar didn’t call the police when they first realized it was a fake ID?

3. What federal charges could Blaklee have faced, and why?

4. How much of a difference – if any – was there in the consequences Blaklee faces since she was 18 years old instead of 17 when the incident occured? 

Be sure to provide full explanations for your answers.  For more details, you can read the article this piece was sourced from here:

Contributed by: Saralynn Lindsay

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